New Products in my shop at Society6 - The Little Soccer Girl T-shirt

Great news! There are now even more Joana Miranda Studio illustrations available on new products in my shop at Society6. But wait – the news gets even better since Society6 is hosting a BIG sale today. So, if you’re finding yourself in this kind of rut…

Freehand drawn pandemic cartoon illustration by Joana Miranda

You can now up your pandemic wardrobe game at an extremely reasonable cost. Woohoo!

The new products in my shop at Society6 include…

Playful tees and hoodies featuring my freehand-drawn Little Soccer Girl illustration:

New Products in my shop at Society6: Little Soccer Girl Tee by Joana Miranda Studio
(If you have to do your workouts outdoors, you might as well look cute!)

Mugs (note the different illustrations on the front and back!):


New Products In My Shop at Society6: Little Soccer Girl tote bag by Joana Miranda Studio at Society6

And so many more fun products and designs!


If you didn’t see it, you might enjoy the short video below. I’ve even enlisted our little Toybob kitty, Ziggy, to help me channel my inner Hepburn:


The pandemic “fashion” illustration at the start of this post is the first illustration I did in my brand new Moleskine art sketchbook. I drew it freehand with permanent colored pencil and then added watercolor washes with my fan watercolor palette. With any luck, by the time I finish filling the sketchbook, we’ll finally be on our way out of this pandemic.

Here’s hoping…


  1. Helen Reich says:

    I think that there’s actually a physiological reason that drawing might help you to fall asleep. Forgive me if I don’t have my technical details correct……there are the three kinds of brain waves: alpha, beta, and delta. Alpha waves are for paying attention to something happening. Beta waves are for imagining something, and your bedtime sketching probably involves a fair amount of imagining. The delta waves are for sleep, but the beta waves can help create delta waves. So, there you go! Better than Sominex……….that kitty is so darling, I wish my cats would let me pick them up!

    • Joana says:

      Ooh, thanks for the science! That does make sense to me.

      Little Ziggy was extra snuggly today. I think it’s because the weather is turning colder…or maybe he just loves us even MORE now.;-)

      xox – Joana

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