This has been a busy week for me at the drafting table. I just finished coloring the last illustration for an 18-illustration corporate project. This was a project which was truly enjoyable from start to finish. (As usual, I can’t give too many more details except to say that I created the illustrations for a exhibition that will be appearing in a museum in Texas.) With that deadline now met, I celebrated last night with some late night doodles.

Late Night Doodles (A Very Short Illustrated Story)

You’ll have to pardon the washed-out lighting. At 10:30 p.m., I was just too tired to haul out my studio lighting. Instead, I made do with my cheapie clip-on ring lamp. (By the way, even though it’s inexpensive, the clip-on ring lamp IS very useful when clamped onto my drafting table for my overhead drawing videos.)

More about the video…

  • Ziggy, our 5 1/2 month old kitten is a Seal Point Toybob. He is a true love and can’t seem to get enough of being in our laps…or, as you can see, nibbling on my earrings.
  • My husband and I alternate cleaning the “house” every week. And, yes, he has complained about the futility of dusting. Here, in New York City, the dust balls DO tend to resemble tumbleweed.
Late night doodles - The Dust Dance, by Joana Miranda
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What’s next?

Well, though I admit I’m a little late to the party, I’ll be focusing on creating some new holiday greeting cards for my shop at Etsy.

In the meantime, please feel free to send some of my free e-cards!


  1. Mm says:

    Awww! My grandson in a cameo appearance, taking apart your earrings! Xoxo 💋

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