Recently, when I posted one of my drawing videos and asked for comments, one of my fans (hi, mom!) said they’d like to see a real time drawing video or two. And, because I listen to my fans, I’ve just finishing posting a…

Real Time Drawing Video

(But first an explanation.)

The reason I haven’t posted more real time drawing videos to date is that I prefer to keep the content of my channel light and entertaining. Much like watching slapstick scenes from an old black and white movie, when you speed up a drawing, the result is often energetic and funny. That said, seeing ONLY high speed drawings can be misleading. Not to mention that it’s does a slight disservice to the process. Drawing in and of itself can be a form of meditation. If nothing else, it’s a process that involves attention and thought. So, for that reason, it can be very helpful to see a drawing evolve in real time.

Fortunately, these days I’m aiming for a more fluid, walking pace to how I draw. So, you can watch this video in the time it will take to boil a kettle of water for your afternoon tea.

But be warned; my subject in this drawing is not feeling particularly energetic. In fact, they’re having a decidedly lazy day! But I think the end result is still compelling to watch (and, hopefully, amusing, too!)

The Lazy Candle - A Real Time Drawing video by Joana Miranda

The drawing in my video was inspired by one of the prompts in the book Start with a Scribble: Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered by Sir Quentin Blake and John Cassidy. I drew it freehand with the black pen that is included with the book:

And now, my dear readers (and mom), what would you like to see me draw next? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Mm says:

    Wow, that was great! Nice to have the change of pace. Ok now I’d like you to draw a family potriss (shewanna knows what I mean! ) of all of our fur babies! Xoxo mm

  2. Helen Reich says:

    Lovely! Of course, now the inevitable questions: Do you already known more or less what you want to draw before you draw it? Do you see it in your minds’s eye first, or does it come out as the pen glides along the paper?

    • Joana says:

      Hi Helen,

      I’d say that these days I make sure that I have a mental snapshot of what I want to draw before I start drawing it. But it’s more like one of those subliminal ads (something that flashes quickly into my brain) than a fully developed image. Having the prompts has really helped me to learn how I can push my imagination, too. The Start with a Scribble book has come at just the right time in my “development.” 🙂
      I hope you have a lovely Sunday! Looking forward to seeing your new creations!
      xox – Joana

  3. Hi Joana,
    I’m H.R Phoenix from and I’m quite interested in your fantastic illustrations.
    I’m currently writing a children’s book, and I’m looking for an illustrator. How much do you charge per illustration for each page?

    • Joana says:

      Hi H.R. Phoenix,
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment about my illustrations and for visiting my site. Regrettably, I am no longer doing private commission work; however, I commend you on self-publishing your first book of poetry and now moving on to writing a children’s book. I wish you all the best with this new endeavor!
      With all best wishes,

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