Do you ever struggle to come up with ideas for what to illustrate? You’re not alone; I’ve certainly been there lots in the past! Though these days I’m giving my brain a lot more latitude to travel on zany tangents. This “outside the box art” is the result of one such mental “adventure.”

My Outside the Box Art…

Started with:

My Outside the Box Moleskine Art page started with drawing a simple cardboard cartoon box.

But it quickly evolved (devolved?) into a tantrum of sorts:

Little box tantrum for my Out of the Box Moleskine art sketchbook spread

Time travel was also part of the journey:

Humorous cavemen "carton box" early vehicle cartoon by Joana Miranda

And, of course, my favorite mice got in on the “cubist” action, too:

Freehand ink and watercolor drawing of two mice carrying off a toothpick laden with cheese, by Joana Miranda

Here’s the full illustration from my Moleskine Sketchbook:

Outside the Box Moleskine art sketchbook illustration by Joana Miranbda

Who knew the humble box could be so much fun?!

(Oh yeah, right. Ziggy figured that out long ago!)

Meanwhile, in spite of my hopes, the arrival of 2021 didn’t magically rid us of the pandemic. So, if you’re needing a little more encouragement to be patient and stay positive, don’t forget that the answer might be as simple as staying in the moment (and watching this very short drawing video!):

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    • Joana says:

      All the wizardry credit goes to Filamora, my video editing software. The program has its limits (and frustrations) but at least I’ve learned some good work-arounds for the frustrations.
      xoxo – J

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