Continuing on my alphabetic journey, I’m delighted to bring you my D is for Drummer (+ other illustrations) spread. I drew the illustrations freehand in my Moleskine art sketchbook using my (newly repaired) Carter’s fountain pen. Working with a pen that, well, works, is pretty much a no-brainer. But, getting to use a fine fountain pen which is capable of producing wonderful line variations, really elevates the whole drawing process to a new level. Can you sense the joy coming off the pages?

D is for Drummer (+ Other Illustrations)

D is for Drummer (+ Other Illustrations) by Joana Miranda - Drawn freehand with ink in my Moleskine art sketchbook

And, you can see the pen in action here:

Finding new appreciation for the old…

Seems to be my modus operandi of late. Because, in addition to getting my fountain pen fixed, I also splurged and took my father’s old Eterna watch to be repaired! Of course, that repair won’t be cheap. However, being able to make use of something with over 80 years of history – not to mention, an object that holds sentimental value – makes me feel very special indeed.


If the idea of living in a less “throw away” society appeals to you, I highly recommend you watch The Repair Shop. My husband and I watched the entire series and loved it!


    • Joana says:

      Andy asked the same question. It’s a pencil sharpener! 🙂
      XOX – J

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