Happy Wednesday! This week, I’ve been continuing to work on my Moleskine sketchbook alphabet series. So, without further ado, here is my G is for Grater and Other Art Moleskine illustration:

G is for Grater and Other Art ink and watercolor illustration from my Moleskine alphabet series

About the color palette…

You might notice that today’s color palette is a bit of a departure from my “normal” choice of colors. Call it pandemic fatigue or just losing my marbles, but I recently “discovered” that I’ve been wearing the wrong colors pretty much all my life. Shocking! Of course, said discovery was self-diagnosed. Based on deep research on Google (you should already be laughing!), I decided that my veins are more green than blue, and that I look better with gold jewelry rather than silver. These “facts” together with my brown hair and dark brown eyes, have me now convinced that my skin has more warm than cool tones. Which means I should be wearing neutrals and earth tones rather than my usual fuchsia pinks and bluer-toned reds.


Black and blue are considered neutral colors. This is a relief since most of my wardrobe is either black or blue. Currently, I don’t have any green clothes and only one brownish-red top. But I’ve now started a Zappos “favorites” board in an effort to virtually “try out” a new wardrobe. Even better, as I’ve done above, I can choose more earthy palettes in my illustrations as a way of expanding my comfort level with new colors.

In other news…

I recently uploaded a new drawing demonstration video to my channel at YouTube. This one has it all – an art tip, a Limerick and even a touch of animation towards the end!

I post my videos twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays. If you subscribe to my channel and toggle on the little bell icon, you’ll get a notification every time I post something new on my channel.


I also added a new pandemic-related greeting card to my Etsy shop this week.

Click here to learn more about the card.

Stay safe and keep wearing your masks!


  1. Helen Reich says:

    I laughed at the giraffe, because of what he’s eating! I think you look just fine in your raspberry reds and purples, but let’s see what the new colors bring.

    • Joana says:

      Maybe I’m a neutral, but I’m willing to give orangey reds, peaches and greens a try now. (The microfiber green washcloth we have looked interesting when I held it up to my face…that’s the only green item I could “try on.” Hee-hee!) Glad you liked my fiber-eating giraffe. I think that I’ve got to draw lots more giraffes, horses and donkeys before I’ll get really comfortable with them. xox – Joana

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