Funny ink and watercolor illustration of a mouse getting a vaccine - by Joana Miranda

With the increase of recent news stories about mass shootings, hate crimes and other violent acts, it’s hard to stay positive. But, actually, there IS a silver lining. If there’s room now in the news for these horrific stories, then the pandemic must finally be winding down. I remind myself, too, that bad news sells; so, we’ll likely never be free of “the sky is falling” reporting. Spreading humor, laughter and kindness is my way of keeping up my own spirits. My drawing video today – which I should have entitled Humankind: An Illustrated Look – celebrates the kind in humankind!

Humankind: An Illustrated Look


I confess that my energy level – or, more precisely, my fatigue level – has contributed to making me feel a bit down about the state of the world. That’s because my sleep has been quite interrupted of late. The reason? Our little cat Ziggy, now 10 months old, was neutered yesterday. This means that I’ve had to add Nurse to my list of domestic duties. Thankfully, Ziggy’s a truly amazing patient. If he minds me jerking his head around as I fumble with the tabs on his plastic cone collar, he hasn’t let on.

Humankind: An Illustrated Look - The unconditional love our little cat, Ziggy, shows us is inspiration in and of itself!

Instead, he seems to take every attention as a kindness and rewards us with purring, head butting and nose touches.

What could be better?


The pace of vaccinations really does seem to be picking up now. Which is yet another positive in the state of the world.

Ink and watercolor cartoon illustration of a mouse getting a vaccine, by Joana Miranda

Mine’s next week? How about you? Have you been able to schedule your appointment?


    • Joana says:

      They loom large in my brain, though. 😉 I hate needles…will definitely be looking away when it’s my turn.

      Hope you have a lovely weekend filled with chocolate and lots of spring flowers.:-)

      xox – Joana

    • Joana says:

      He certainly is! He’s the best!!! And I can’t wait for you to meet him one of these days.
      xox – J

    • Joana says:

      I hope you get to meet him someday, Jen! Of course, if you do, he’ll probably hide under the couch and you’ll think that I’ve been making up all the wonderful stories about him. So far, he’s fled in horror on the two separate occasions that friends stopped by briefly. I’m not sure if it freaks him out to see us all in masks, or if he’ll be permanently “scarred” from having spent a year with just Andy and me (that would be scarring for most anyone…hee-hee!) Anyway, Ziggy’s definitely on the mend from his surgery and the cone will be a thing of the past soon.
      I hope you and Grace have a lovely Easter!
      xox – Joana

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