When I contemplate my navel for subjects to draw for my alphabet series, I always try to include some foods and musical instruments as well. Unfortunately, in my N is for Nachos and New Illustrations spread, I couldn’t think of any “n” musical instruments. Needless to say, Ndingidi, Naqus and Nai weren’t in my wheelhouse. Instead, I turned to drawing Nefertiti and Napoleon.

N is for Nachos and New Illustrations

Here is my N is for Nachos and New Illustrations - another letter in my Moleskine sketchbook alphabet series.

Curious to see the coloring process?

Then you’re in luck because I recorded this watercolor demo video last night:

My Process…

These days involves adding the shading to my illustrations first. (That’s why the bottom 4 figures in the video teaser image above look like they are rendered in “greyscale.”) The reason I shade first is so that I can keep the actual watercolor washes transparent and simple – in other words, not overworked. Of course, sometimes I forget and add color before the shading. But rules are supposed to be broken, right?

What’s Next?

Why the letter “O,” of course! Thankfully, I have just enough pages left in my current Moleskine notebook for the rest of the alphabet, plus a few more whimsical illustrations along the way. Once I have filled the whole sketchbook, I’ll be posting another Sketchbook “Tour.” I hope you’ll stick around to see the Big Reveal!


    • Joana says:

      Hi Helen,

      I’ve been on the lookout for the apples you mentioned, but haven’t seen any of those varieties yet. Soon it will be strawberry and raspberry season…I can’t wait! And cherries – my favorites! Yummy!

      xox – Joana

        • Joana says:

          August? But by then I’ll have forgotten all of those apples names! (In fact, I think I may have already…) But I know that you won’t mind reminding me come August. 😉

          xoxo – Joana

  1. Mm says:

    Ooh ooh, I like the nekked lady! And your editor looks like he might be sleeping on the job….

    • Joana says:

      No, he was trying to smell the cheese. Hee-hee! I’m glad you like the nekked lady. (I always have fun drawing naked people.) 😉

      xox – J

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