If you’ve enjoyed my alphabet illustrations, you’re in for a treat. Today’s post includes the latest letters in the series. You’ll also see a video of the drawing process for some of my “P” illustrations!

Moleskine Alphabet Illustrations by Joana Miranda

O is for...whimsical alphabet illustrations by Joana Miranda

As always, I try to include some food as well as musical instrument illustrations in the series. My college roommate was a fabulous oboist; so, naturally she served as the inspiration for the oboe cartoon. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet had the pleasure of befriending any ostriches. Hence, the oddness of my ostrich illustration. Sigh. (But, ya gotta start somewhere, right?)

The P Illustrations…

Whimsical ink and watercolor Moleskine alphabet illustrations by Joana Miranda

Were particularly fun to draw! As you can see, I even included a pretty faithful illustration of my favorite drawing pen. I illustrate with a vintage Carter’s fountain pen. The pen has a 14K flexible gold nib and dates from the 1930s. Back in the 30s, you could buy the pen at a drugstore for about $10. Now, you’ll be lucky to get it for under $300! (By the way, a great resource for fountain pens both old and new is The Fountain Pen Hospital.)

Here’s the above illustration in process…


I’ve set a goal of May 20th for finishing my current Moleskine sketchbook. It’s an ambitious goal, but one that I’m eager to try to meet. Why? Well, because I’m looking forward to applying all that I’ve learned from the illustrations in the current sketchbook to the next one!


    • Joana says:

      Ziggy definitely completes the illustrations. He’s the best! (You are, too…)
      xox – J

    • Joana says:

      Hmmm, I guess I did “marimba” for the M illustrations. The truth is that I actually FORGOT about percussion this time around. Tsk tsk.
      xox – Joana

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