I think I inherited my mother’s sweet tooth. That said, while I’ve been trying to watch my sugar intake for a couple of years, there’s nothing that says I can’t DRAW desserts! Today’s post – taken from my Moleskine sketchbook – is just desserts (or, happiness illustrated!)

Just Desserts (Or, Happiness Illustrated) by Joana Miranda Studio

Just Desserts (Or, Happiness Illustrated)

As you can see from my freehand drawn ink and watercolor dessert illustrations, pretty much anything dark chocolate is a big favorite. (So, too, is lemon meringue pie!)

And guess what?

Our little Ziggy loves me so much that he sent me chocolates this week!

(I didn’t even mind when the charge appeared on my credit card…Hee-hee!)

The chocolates are from French Broad Chocolate, an artisan chocolatier in Asheville, North Carolina. Ziggy got me the Buddha Collection because they’re vegan and free of soy, gluten and dairy. Judging by the first one I sampled tonight (Mint Meltaway), what they DO have is tons of flavor and a decadent, smooth and deep chocolate-y taste. Mmmmm!


Once we hit forty, women only have about four taste buds left: one for vodka, one for wine, one for cheese, and one for chocolate.

Gina Barreca


  1. Helen Reich says:

    Delicious! The orange slices look delectable, and the creme brûlée is quite humorous. I’m glad you provided the link to the Buddha Collection…..I think I will not be able to resist it….looking forward to the reviews!

    • Joana says:

      Yes, I was trying not to drool over my drawings as I colored them. 😉 Today’s Buddha chocolate was the grapefruit, olive oil and fennel concoction. I was worried it might taste kooky, but it was absolutely delicious. I didn’t taste any olive oil or fennel, but the grapefruit was present in a subtle and refreshing way. The texture of the ganache inside these truffles is really special – so smooth and dense. Mmmm! (Andy liked his grapefruit chocolate very much, too.) Now I can’t wait for tomorrow’s chocolate…
      xox – Joana

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