Today I finished the final drawing in my 3rd Moleskine art sketchbook. Now I have just 7 pages left to color before I can invite you to my YouTube virtual sketchbook tour. But, as a teaser, I’m happy to give you a sneak peek at my U and V alphabet illustrations.

U and V Alphabet Illustrations

U and V Alphabet Illustrations - U is for... by Joana Miranda
 U and V alphabet illustrations by Joana Miranda

Since I always love hearing which illustrations are YOUR favorites, I’m happy to share that for these two alphabet letters my favorites are Underwear, Unicycle, Vicar and Vaccine. (I also like Uncle because I was thinking of one of my lovely uncles in Holland when I created it.)

I’ve also been keeping in shape…

With some more shape-inspired illustrations! Here are my triangle illustrations:

What’s left to show in my 3rd Moleskine Art Sketchbook?

Actually, quite a bit. Although I’ve shared many of the illustrations from Moleskine 3 here on my blog, I’ve still kept some under wraps for the Big Reveal. I think you’ll also enjoy seeing the progression (and growth) from the start of the book to the finish. To me, the Moleskine sketchbooks definitely serve as the foundation and stepping stones of my technique and my imaginative world.


The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper, and re-imagines the world.

Malcolm Gladwell


    • Joana says:

      Wow! I like your triangle! And I’m also very impressed with your 1,145 sales!!!! We actually have the same number of items in our shops right now (I think I also have 118) but you have 2x the number of sales. You rock, my dear!

      xox – Joana

  1. MM says:

    Well, I love veil and vaccine the best (they are all good!) Is The archer looking frustrated because the bow is backwards? : )


    • Joana says:

      I realized AFTER the fact that I had put the bow backwards. Aack – shows what I know about archery. So, yes, he’s frustrated because his equipment is off the mark…;-)

      xox – Joana

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