With the muggy and oppressive heat in the Big Apple this week, I’ve been holed up indoors. Of course, this means more time for illustrating and cartooning, so no complaints here. My latest Rapunzel cartoon is freshly off my drafting table and will soon be in my portfolio at Cartoonstock. Today I thought I’d give you a peek into my process.

Rapunzel Cartoon – The Process

For this cartoon, I started with an architectural inspiration:

Rapunzel cartoon architectural inspiration photo

(Actually, the truth is that I first thought of doing a Taj Mahal cartoon; then, a flying carpet cartoon. But, eventually, my brain went to fairytales. It wasn’t much of a leap to get to wondering what Rapunzel’s tower really looked like…)

The Rough Sketch

Even though I much prefer to do all of my drawing freehand in pen, for a cartoon it does help to have a rough layout sketch. Here’s mine:

Rough sketch for Rapunzel cartoon by Joana Miranda

The Inking Stage

For this step, I placed the rough pencil sketch over my light box. As I set about redrawing the illustration in ink using the rough sketch as a guide, this happened:

Ziggy, our Toybob cat, climbs into my lap for a hug.

(Snuggle time is definitely part of the creative process for me and Ziggy!)

The Finished Cartoon

Rapunzel and the Window Washer Cartoon inked and colored by Joana Miranda

By the way…

If you don’t subscribe to my newsletter or to my channel at YouTube, you may have missed the recent Sketchbook Tour video of my completed Moleskine 3 Sketchbook. However, I’m happy to include the link for you to watch below:


Happy 1st Birthday to our one and only…

Photo of our 1-year old Toybob cat, Ziggy.



    • Joana says:

      Ziggy spent most of the day snuggling in my lap. I wished him happy birthday over and over again. He was pleased, of course;-)

      xox – Joana

    • Joana says:

      Ziggy says thank you! He’s had to sleep off all of the excitement from the day…;-)

      xox – J

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