After the ups and downs of the past year-and-a-half of pandemic living, do you sometimes find yourself wondering…What month is it? Or…What year are we in? I certainly do! For one, I’m finding it hard to believe it’s summer again. (Didn’t we just take down our Xmas tree last month?) And, which summer are we in, exactly?! Since we’re on the topic of time doing funny things, it might not be premature to start working on your holiday gift list. To that end, if you want to support a great cause (and see my food art in a cookbook), you should consider purchasing the Musicians Cook! cookbook.

My Food Art in a Cookbook

In this video, you’ll learn why I’m excited about the Musicians Cook! cookbook. And, how your purchase will help to support musicians who have been hard hit during the pandemic. In addition to an impromptu rare solo viola appearance (could that be the beginning of a viola joke?) I also throw in a whimsical chef illustration drawing demo at the end of the video:


I’ve “cooked” up something else for you today, too. As always, my mice keep me amused. I suppose this is the rodent version of “bringing home the bacon.” Though I prefer to think of it as The Big Cheese arriving home:


Funny roller derby mouse cartoon illustration for the My Food Art in a Cookbook blog post

May you tackle the week ahead with humor and style!


    • Joana says:

      Hi Helen,

      No, I decided to keep my contribution to the two illustrations. Also, since I mostly cook from cookbooks/food magazines, I didn’t really feel like I could claim a recipe as mine. (That said, I probably could have contributed one of my adapted/modified cookie recipes…next time!)

      xox – Joana

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