Does the weather affect your creativity? I certainly think it affects mine. And if the following illustrations and poems are an indicator, I’d say that inclement weather makes me focus better. The two rainy day illustrations below were done over the past two evenings. I’m not actually sure it had started raining yesterday night, but my mood was certainly rainy. That counts, right?

Rainy Day Illustrations

Rainy Day Illustrations - Bad Hair Days by Joana Miranda

A Case of Art Imitating Life?

The next illustration could be me (if my name was Penelope, and I drank booze and wore a kaftan.) Why? Because I just might have ordered some shoes tonight. We’ll see if they’re keepers…

Rainy Day Illustrations -  Retail Therapy poem and cartoon by Joana Miranda

About My Illustrations

These days I draw pretty much exclusively with my vintage Carter’s fountain pen. I like to draw freehand in ink because I feel like the results are more fresh, quirky and inimitably mine. Of late, I’ve been adding the color with my Faber Castell watercolor pencils. I soften and blend the watercolor pencil with my Water Brush pen; that said, I prefer to keep some of the strokes “streaky” to compliment the freedom of the inked lines.

You can purchase my work in my shops at Etsy and at Society6.


If you’re a fan of really artistic shoes, you’ll probably enjoy taking a look at this shoe maker. I’m not sure where I’d wear most of the styles – not to mention that they are out of my price budget – but I truly love the creativity that went into the designs and the shoe names. Plus, I can’t help feeling proud that all of the shoes are made in my native Portugal!


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