Practicing mindfulness when you’re feeling good is like putting money into the bank for a rainy day. Of course, it’s precisely when you’re feeling good that you might be tempted to slack off on your meditation practice. So I hope this Monkey Mind and other illustrations post gives you the incentive to slow down, breathe deeply and get acquainted with your inner chatterbox.

Monkey Mind and Other Illustrations

Let’s start with the “other illustrations” part first:

The above illustration was my first foray into attempting to create the illusion of movement by drawing a two-headed figure. I love how our eyes can make sense of something as nonsensical as a two faces attached to the same body! I also enjoyed delving deeper into the mythology of Helen of Troy. After all, you can’t just draw your mother and husband all the time!

Now, On the Topic of Monkey Mind…

Monkey Mind and other illustrations and verse by Joana Miranda

How about you?

Do you have a favorite meditation app? Or, an online program or guru that helps you slow down and quiet the chatter? I use this meditation app every day. And sometimes I like to change things up and do a guided mantra meditation like this one instead.

Of course, what pretty much guarantees a state of flow for me is working on my illustrations. Scared of drawing? Then why not start with a coloring book instead.


  1. Helen Reich says:

    Hoo boy, have I ever had the monkey mind over the past year. It’s been pretty bad. But you know, your illustration makes me wonder whether anyone’s ever seen a real lyre, or whether everyone’s only been drawing whatever they remember from other people’s illustrations/paintings!

    • Joana says:

      Guilty as charged! When I researched Helen of Troy and Paris, I came across a painting where Paris is playing a lyre. My cartoon was very much an approximation;-) I hope you enjoyed the out-of-tune string twangs at the end of the video. They were actually from a ukulele, but I figured the sound would be close enough. Hee-hee!
      XOX- Joana
      P.S. Too much Covid/vaccine/politics reading feeds monkey mind. Go out and pick some flowers and berries from your garden…that will help to cure what ails you!

  2. Mm says:

    Yes I really loved the twangs at the end. Thought maybe oliie was playing on your vyola. 😁😺😻(I think the two faces works really well, btw. )

    • Joana says:

      If anybody learns to play the “vyola,” it’s probably going to be Ziggy. 😉 Ollie is definitely more outgoing, fearless and curious, but I think Ziggy might be the quiet rocket scientist. Fortunately, they are both love bugs, so I’m doubly blessed.

      xox -J

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