Does fall put you in a back-to-school mood? It certainly does that for me. Of course, it’s a). not yet fall; and b). with this never-ending pandemic, “back-to-school,” or back-to-anything approaching normal seems like an impossible fantasy. That said, old habits die hard. Case in point: my husband took a bold self-makeover step this week. And I rolled up my sleeves to do some extra deep cleaning of our apartment. You can learn all about our improvement projects in my new drawing videos below!

New Drawing Videos

Cartoon drawing of sink with scissors and beard snippets by Joana Miranda - A part of one of the new drawing videos I posted this past week.

(Judging by the four-day’s growth of stubble since the BIG SHAVE, my husband’s “makeover” might be short-lived. But that’s ok. I love him in any shape or form.)

And now for MORE drawing videos…

I scored a WIN on several of my cleaning fronts this week. I discovered that this technique does get rid of built up soap scum and (gasp!) mildew on our vinyl shower curtain. And, I also created this homemade vinegar and dish detergent spray that worked equally well at removing the scum from the grout on the wall in our tub.

Next on my list to try is this product since it’s been hailed by The Spruce as THE BEST at removing stains of any type from both white and colored clothing.

Another win?

Why, finding myself looking forward to dreaming up and creating my illustrated rhymes! If you enjoyed the two above, you can see more on my channel at YouTube. Even better, click the red subscribe button so that you get a notification every Monday and Friday when a new video is up!


If any of you know a great hack for getting off REALLY stuck on gummy residue (i.e. spongey stickers) from metal surfaces, please let me know.

And, as always, if there is something you’d like to see me draw in one of my videos, please let me know that, too!


  1. Helen Reich says:

    Well, there used to be a product called Citrusolve, or something, and that worked on sticky, gummy things. It was also great for oily stains on clothing. It smelled pleasantly like citrus, too. I can’t find it anymore, but that was the solution. I wish it were still around, or there were something to replace it! Lovely cartoons.

    • Joana says:

      Hi Helen,
      Thanks for the tip about Citrusolve! I found a site with tips on how to remove gummy residue – using everything from mayonnaise to peanut butter and beyond. I tried to help my sister removing the residue from some padded stickers from her stove when I was in D.C. Goo Be Gone was ineffective. I also tried to pull off some of the remnants of the sticker with packing tape, but that didn’t work either. (Some people suggest nail polish remover or alcohol….others say that heat can be effective.) Anyway, the best solution for the time being was to put a magnet over the sticky debris. When you can’t fix it, cover it! 😉

      I’m glad you liked my latest cartoons! Thanks for watching my silly little videos!
      xox – Joana

  2. Mm says:

    Oh my, your POMES have evolved! They are great! Love the kiss! (I would not love the stubble, but then, he’s not mine to kiss…😻)

    • Joana says:

      Hi Mm,
      Actually, it’s the mustache that’s a bit harder to navigate. Hopefully, when he grows it back he’ll find a way to keep it shorter. 😉
      xox – J

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