Have you thought about creating art but are lacking the motivation? Perhaps this post will give you the inspiration you need. A few years ago, I began my own meditation practice. At the time, the practice was borne of desperation – an attempt to deal with anxiety that had crept in unnoticed but quickly transformed my life. Happily, I was already in love with creating illustrations. In addition to my daily meditation sessions “on the cushion,” I realized that mindful attention to my illustrations was equally beneficial. Art as meditation became money in the bank both literally and figuratively! Of course, adding humor to my work has always been a focus. And, that’s only helped to lighten my view of life events and myself.

Art as Meditation

Mindful techniques for the doctor’s office?

If you you happen to find yourself waiting – and who doesn’t spend time waiting when going to the doctor! – you can try a quick 5-minute mindfulness meditation like this one. After centering myself in a guided meditation, I often spend the rest of my waiting time channeling compassion and healing thoughts towards the other patients in the waiting room. Sometimes I see an interesting face or pose and am inspired to pull out my sketchbook for a quick sketch. Without fail, my sketchbook also pulls me into a happier and calmer place.

Art as meditation - a cartoon showing the artist in a not-so-mindful state!

Mindful techniques for every day life?

In addition to guided meditations for releasing pain like this one, or for focusing on positive mantras like this one, I use the Insight Timer app to track my own daily self-guided practice. Oh, and did I mention that I practice drawing every day?


Pet-itation is just as valuable a tool for becoming grounded as traditional meditation. Plus it will give your pets the attention they need and deserve.


    • Joana says:

      Hi Helen, Do you also get physical pain when you watch gruesome stuff on TV? (Of course, I try not to look, though sometimes the scene takes me by surprise.) I very often feel physical pain when watching others in pain. Kill me now…;-)
      xox – Joana

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