I don’t usually like to go so long between blog posts. However, this time around my reasons have been good. Not only have I been busy creating new art and illustrations, but I embarked on yet another drawing class on Domestika. If you are a “creative” and are looking to expand your skill set, I highly recommend the course offerings at Domestika. I think you’ll find that the courses are extremely affordable. And, so far, all three that I’ve taken have been very well structured and presented. In my illustrations of late, I’ve been aiming for a looser approach. I’m proud of the progress I’ve made overall. Of course, I do have days when I think that I’m NOT progressing…but I’ve learned that those setbacks are important and essential stops along the journey, too.

New Art and Illustrations

The “self-portrait” below sums up what I’m trying to do. In addition to looser line work, I’m also striving to find ways to fill more of the white space on the page. In effect, I’m trying to grow big enough to inhabit my world (or the world of my imagination!)

New Art and Illustrations from Joana Miranda Studio - Growing big enough to inhabit my world

My Tools…

Ink and watercolor freehand drawn illustration of my favorite drawing and painting tools - by Joana Miranda

Have remained essentially the same.

Besides drawing with my trusty vintage fountain pen, I tend to prefer adding watercolors to my illustrations from my Fan Pan Watercolor Palette, or my Caran d’Ache and Faber-Castell watercolor pencils. Of course, an essential part of every artist’s tool kit is paper. My stack of watercolor papers will be running out soon. Fortunately, one of the nearest Blick Art Materials stores happens to be just across the street from the Donut Plant…win-win outing in my book!

But Never Say Never…

Because in the illustration below I used ink with regular colored pencils.

New art and illustrations from my Moleskine notebook.

(The print version of the illustration above is now available in multiple sizes in my shop at Etsy.)

In Other News…

I decided to get back onto Instagram. My reasons for getting off of it a few years ago were noble. Namely, I felt like I was getting too sucked into the “rabbit hole” of comparison and envy. I recognized that my Follower numbers were beginning to feel like a direct measure of my own worth. (Not a recipe for happiness.) With the distance and time away from the platform, I’ve been able to return to it with a fresh eye. I’m feeling very appreciative of my small but distinctive tribe of fans. If Instagram’s your thing, then I hope you’ll look for and subscribe to my feed there!)


I continue to post drawing videos twice a week on my channel at YouTube.

As always, if you have questions about something you see me doing in the video, or you want me to demo or draw something in particular, let me know in the comments below!


  1. Helen Reich says:

    That line drawing thingy really is cute, with all the green haired people…..I think the green hair is what made me think of Christmas lights. Also, I guess now it’s time for you to draw yourself drawing.

    • Joana says:

      Thanks for the great drawing idea, Helen! I’m getting a little better at drawing myself, so maybe an “artist” self-portrait should be next. 🙂 I hope you have a lovely Sunday. I’m headed out soon for a walk around the reservoir for some much needed fresh air and sunshine! xoxo -Joana

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