The past three weeks have been a bit of a juggling act for me. After an 18-month pandemic “lull,” being able to go back to performing full-time has been wonderful and very welcome. But the heavy rehearsal and show schedule has meant that I’m squeezing in my illustration work into every remaining free moment. Even so, I’ve been diligently plugging away and am delighted to share what’s new at Joana Miranda Studio!

New at Joana Miranda Studio…

New at Joana Miranda Studio - The Percussion Section flat note card (now available at Etsy)
Is my spirited Percussion Section note card. A case of art imitating life? I’ll let you be the judge! This cute note card is available in my shop at Etsy. You can purchase it singly, or create a collection of 7 flat notecards of your choice.

I’ve also created yet another Instagram Channel…

Yup! And it’s devoted entirely to our two Toybob cats, Ziggy and Ollie.

Joana with Ziggy and Ollie - her two Toybob cats

Not only do my “babies” amuse and entertain me, but they are the perfect therapy cats to help me unwind after the long and sometimes stressful days at Lincoln Center. If you’re interested in keeping up with their antics, you can check out and follow their Instagram channel at Zolliebob.

Meanwhile, I post regularly to the Joana Miranda Studio channel at Instagram. If you’re on Instagram and I don’t follow you yet, send me a hello so that we can connect there.

Inktober 2021…

Is well underway. I enjoy participating in this yearly drawing challenge because it forces me to think outside my usual artistic “box.” Getting to see how other artists have interpreted the daily prompt words is fascinating, not to mention inspiring. (My Percussion Section illustration, above, was actually created for the Day 6 “Spirit” prompt word.) The raven illustration, below, was my interpretation for Day 5.

New from Joana Miranda Studio - Inktober 2021 Raven Illustration

Of course, I’ve also continued to post weekly drawing videos…

On my channel at YouTube. I think this one is an apt summary of how I unwind after a long day…(with my usual humorous twist at the end, of course!)

Yes, this fall has been a…

Whimsical ink Juggling Act illustration by Joana Miranda

Juggling act, but I don’t think I’d want it any other way!


    • Joana says:

      Ollie is in the Cuddle Puddle, too! Your buddy – how could you overlook him? 😉

      xox – J

  1. Helen Reich says:

    Lovely work! I’m now emancipated from my orchestral duties, and boy, am I glad. Last night was hot, even just sitting there, underneath the lights. I can only hope I don’t feel that way once the you-know-whats are gone.

    • Joana says:

      Thanks, Helen! And congrats on your newly emancipated state. 🙂 The good thing is that you know that you’re in good shape financially in case you can’t stomach playing even when the incognito cloths are no longer needed. Speaking of, I lost one of my masks the other day between leaving the rehearsal and riding the subway home. I know I had it on in the subway, but somehow couldn’t find it when I got home. Maybe it absorbed into my skin? Horrors!!!
      xox – Joana

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