The last month has been a fairly quiet one for me. The New York City Ballet Nutcracker season was cut short by two weeks due to Omicron. As sorry as I was to see the ballet take a hit (again), I was grateful for the timing. Our little kitty, Ollie, got sick right around when the shutdown started. And the stress of making multiple trips to the vet along with learning how to treat him was pretty much all I could handle. Our two cats are our babies, and, as a result, their happiness seems very much entwined with our own. Ollie’s prognosis is now good, which is a big relief and cause for celebration. With that in mind, I hope you’ll permit me the indulgence of making today’s post an (illustrated) tale of two kitties!

An (Illustrated) Tale of Two Kitties

Our two Toybob cats, Ziggy and Ollie, couldn’t be more different from one another. At a year and a half, Ziggy is the older “brother.” He’s extremely smart (you can see him demonstrating some of his tricks in this video) as well as totally loving. But he’s also painfully shy (with strangers) and unfailingly polite. Case in point, he’ll beg to be picked up rather than taking the initiative to jump on our laps!

An (Illustrated) Tale of Two Kitties - Ziggy begs to be picked up.

Ziggy prefers to spend his days mostly at floor level (that is, when he’s not curled up on “his” office chair for an afternoon siesta, or on top of the bed for the night.)


Ten-month-old Ollie is outgoing and totally fearless! He hasn’t met a human he doesn’t like and would probably be happy to go home with just about anyone who comes to visit. Unlike Ziggy, he rarely meows. He also doesn’t need an invitation to jump into our laps. Or, anywhere else for that matter! In fact, being high up seems to be his preference. On Day 1 of exploring his new home with us, he jumped (easily) onto the coffee table, window sill, shoe caddy and bed. It’s become clear that no surface is off limits. Witness the latest conquering of Ollie’s personal Mount Everest:

An (Illustrated) Tale of Two Kitties - Ollie's personal Mount Everest

The best part?

Not only do both of our babies love us, but they adore each other!

Photo of Ziggy and Ollie, our two Toybob kitties, sleeping in an embrace.

(Which makes every day feel like this…)

Funny celebrating girl with noise maker cartoon GIF by Joana Miranda

P.S. Ziggy and Ollie are old hands at Social Media now. If you’re curious, you can follow their channel, Zolliebob, on Instagram.


    • Joana says:

      Hi Jen,
      Ollie’s Superchem blood work test was normal this week (normal globulin and liver enzyme levels. Yay!) The CBC blood panel did show some elevated white blood cells so which means that he’s still fighting off the infection. But we have 2 more months of medication to go, and I am very heartened with his great progress. (He’s gained back the weight that he lost, is eating voraciously and has great energy.) The vet was also very pleased!

      I hope you are doing well. Sending you lots of love always!

    • Joana says:

      Your grandsons adore you and are looking forward to seeing you again hopefully soon. (Well, Ziggy might look at you from afar, but h still loves you.) 😉 xox – J

    • Joana says:

      I hope you get to meet them someday, Helen! They are true lovebugs and very special kitties (said their VERY biased mommy.) 😉

      xox – Joana

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