The Power of the Doodle - Viola Player Doodle Illustration by Joana Miranda

Do you love to draw but find yourself sometimes intimidated by the blank page? Rest assured, you’re not alone! Blank page anxiety is a common affliction among artists (and writers.) My advice is to buy yourself a little notebook and allow yourself to fill it with random sketches and doodles. Because the power of the doodle is a mighty thing!

The Power of the Doodle

One of my favorite places to doodle is in bed just before I go to sleep. I keep a little note pad and pen on my bedside table precisely for nighttime doodle sessions. Is it because I’m relaxed (tired!) or lounging under the covers? I’m not sure, but I often really like my end-of-the-day doodles. Here are two from this week:

The Power of the Doodle - Horn Player cartoon doodle by Joana Miranda
The Horn Player
Whimsical doodle ink drawing of violist by Joana Miranda
The Violist

My Doodles…

Are the perfect partner for my silly limericks, too! In fact, the drawing video I posted to my channel on YouTube today is actually an ode to the doodle.


You certainly don’t have to share your doodles with anyone. In fact, if you’re just starting out, you might feel better keeping your doodle “musings” to yourself until you’ve found your artistic footing. But don’t forget that the charm of the doodle is precisely that it’s experimental and free.

Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.

Salvador Dali


    • Joana says:

      Thank you, Helen! I like her, too, though if I was going to redo that doodle, I’d give her glasses and longer legs. Thankfully, I seem to have no end of ink, paper and inspiration. 🙂

      Sending lots of love your way,

  1. Mm says:

    I like the horn player about to break the chair. Not anyone you know, of course!

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