These days I’m moving towards drawing all of my illustrations freehand. Meaning…I create my whimsical art and illustrations without the aid of a pencil draft over which to trace. Why? Because I find that freehand illustration is the most direct way to present my thoughts of paper. Sometimes an accidental ink blob from my dip pen means that the illustration suddenly goes in a new direction. And that’s OK. Ultimately, I find great joy from putting judgement into the back seat and letting my imagination be the driving force.

Here are a sampling of my freehand illustrations:

Autumn Illustration

Felt tip pen and Copic Markers on Paper

Autumn Illustration - Freehand Illustration - Children's Book Art by Joana Miranda

The Artist at Work

Dip pen and India Ink


Cat and Mouse War

Ink and Watercolor on Paper

Freehand ink and watercolor illustration - Cat and Mouse War - by Joana Miranda

Imminent Disaster

Felt Tip Pen on Paper

Freehand felt tip pen illustration - Imminent Disaster cartoon by Joana Miranda

On the Subway

Pen on Paper

Freehand ink sketches -travelers on the MTA, by Joana Miranda

Striking a Balance

Brush Pen on Paper

Funny brush pen quick cartoon freehand illustration of man doing yoga by Joana Miranda

Interested in working with me on a whimsical custom illustration? Looking for charming illustrations for your next children’s book? I’d love to work with you! Contact me to discuss your project needs and I will be happy to provide you with a free quote for my services.

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