In December of 2022, Joana earned her Graphic Design Certificate from Noble Desktop in Manhattan, NY. Naturally, her first Graphic Design projects have started close to home. She reworked her own Joana Miranda Studio logo, created a mock car ad for Mini Cooper, and collaborated with Sharon Miranda Pottery on a new business logo as well. Stay tuned as her portfolio grows and evolves!

  • Magazine mockup for Mini Cooper car ad by Joana Miranda Studio
  • Michael chocolate truffle logo box mockup
  • Michael chocolate truffle logo


  1. Sharon Miranda says:

    This is simply wonderful work! I just love my new banner and my logo. Superb!

    • Leon Pelletier says:

      Now you have a beautiful, creative logo to match your beautiful pottery. And, Joana, thank for your wonderful talent and for letting us see it.
      Lee and Claire

      • Joana says:

        Hi Lee and Claire,

        My apologies for not replying to your message on my website sooner. I just saw the message today – for some reason I wasn’t notified that you had written.
        I hope you and Claire are doing well – and that winter hasn’t felt too endless on the pond. (We’ve hardly had a winter in NYC this year. Mostly the weather feels schizophrenic…cold one day and springlike the next.) Sigh.

        Sending a big hug your way,

    • Joana says:

      Hi my dear,
      I feel so bad that I haven’t written you in ages! The NYCB winter season has been the usual grueling schedule, and trying to squeeze in my illustration and graphic design projects has left me little time for anything else. Of late, our evening entertainment is looking at short IG “funny fail” videos because it’s too late by the time we get home to even watch TV.
      Yes, my friend Michael is a gourmet cook and truffle maker. He didn’t have a logo, so I figured creating one for him would be good practice and a nice way to continue to build my GD portfolio. (And even though he doesn’t ship his truffles, he was so excited with the logo that he sent me a box today!)
      Speaking of truffles, did you ever try the Christopher Elbow chocolates? Andy said he tried to buy me some French Broad chocolates for Xmas but they were all sold out. So far, I think the French Broad are my favorites (though I haven’t yet tried the truffles my friend Michael sent me.)
      Sending lots of love and thanks for being my friend and not giving up on me!
      xox – Joana

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