Joana says…”Illustrating in my Moleskine Art sketchbooks is a form of meditation for me. I fill my art notebooks with sketches and ink and watercolor drawings . Although I love to experiment with new drawings tools from time to time, my tried and true ‘weapon of choice’ is a Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen filled with DeAtrementis Document Ink. Often I will start drawing in my sketchbook with just a gesture. From there, I just let my hands do the thinking. Along the way, I’ve learned to embrace mistakes and have found ways of incorporating the ‘surprises’ into the finished illustration. Needless to say, the process often presents many unusual and sometimes delightful discoveries along the way.”

Take a look below for samples of Joana’s Moleskine art:

The Tree of Life - Moleskine sketchbook freehand drawn illustration by Joana Miranda
Moleskine Art - Eat Your Veggies illustration by Joana Miranda
Rainy Day Art - Freehand drawn illustration by Joana Miranda
At the Museum - Freehand drawn ink and watercolor illustration by Joana Miranda
Garden of Eden - Freehand drawn illustration by Joana Miranda


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