Mary Hirsch famously said “Humor is a rubber sword—it allows you to make a point without drawing blood.” Since I faint at the sight of blood, I’ll definitely opt for the rubber sword (or my dip pen!) My humor is gentle – old school, even – yet witty. I write all of my own gags and of course draw all of my own cartoons. Gag-less cartoons are my personal Holy Grail. Because if I can elicit a laugh with just a drawing I’ll feel like I’ve succeeded. To date, my single panel cartoons have been published by The American Legion Magazine, Renaissance Magazine, Cruising Outpost, and The Countryman Magazine.

A sampling of my single panel cartoons follows:

Single Panel Cartoons by Joana Miranda Focus on the Journey for Cruising Outpost Magazine

Meditation cartoons - The Birds in My Head - Funny Cartoon Art by Joana Miranda Studio

Marriage Advice Cartoons by Joana Miranda

Unstarted museum cartoon by Joana Miranda

Marriage Cartoons - Whoopee cushion cartoon by Joana Miranda

Single Panel Cartoons - Seasonal Affective Disorder Beach cartoon by Joana Miranda

Bundled Severance Package business cartoon by Joana Miranda

Single panel cartoons by Joana Miranda - 60 is the New 40 Old lady driver cartoon by Joana Miranda

Single Panel Music Cartoons - Orchestra musician cartoon by Joana Miranda

To inquire about licensing my cartoons and character illustration art, please contact me. To purchase greeting card and print versions of my cartoons, please visit my shop at Etsy.


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