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I’m Good At My Art….Now, Show Me The Money!

Illustration of girl jumping for joy, by Joana Miranda

I'm excited about the launch of Designed to Sell. This guide, produced by Chris Guilleabeau and authored by Jen and Omar of These Are Things, is specifically targeted to help creative people gain traction and success in the market place with their artistic endeavors.

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A Timely Offer from Chris Guillebeau at Unconventional Guides

Looking to get your business off the ground and running? Then you might just want to take advantage of the 20% discount coupon valid on all of the products that Chris Guillebeau currently offers in his Unconventional Guides store. (Coupon is good 'til Friday night.)

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Empire Building Kit – Week 43 Review (Or, On Approaching Forbidding Doors)

Moving ahead with a difficult project might mean admitting that you're stuck and need help. In my experience, seeking that help - whether it be online, a book, or from a real person - is always a win-win situation. Read on for one of my recent experiences with getting unstuck.

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Empire Building Kit – Week 40 Review (It’s a Dark and Scary World Out There)

We all have fears and insecurities. This post explores ways to embrace your own shortcomings and turn them into strengths.

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