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Fall Art Projects

Taking inspiration from nature for your fall art projects is a no-brainer. This short video shows how I go about my drawing process.

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From My Sketchbook – A Wintry Quartet

Brr, it was cold this past week in the Big Apple! Here's a slice of "subway fashion" for your enjoyment...

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From My Sketchbook – Over the Holiday Weekend

Just a few of the happy, anxious and sleepy faces I sketched over the holiday weekend.

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From My Sketchbook – The Little People

Sometimes my best sketches emerge at the corners of my sketchbook. They're sort of afterthoughts - squeezed in beside more "serious" attempts - and it's maybe because the pressure's off that they turn out to be the most successful.

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From My Sketchbook – Taking Flight

At the Milwaukee airport…

Quick sketch of man at airport gate checking his phone

Somewhere in the air over the Midwest.

The anxious flyer

P.S. My next sketches will hail from overseas.  Stay tuned to find out where I’m going…