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From My Sketchbook – On the Mend

Perhaps because I was recovering from a bout of the flu last week, my sketches ended up looking less than energetic as well. Here's hoping this coming week will bring renewed energy and fresh new subjects!

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From My Sketchbook – The World Through Squinty Eyes

Sometimes what you don't see is even more helpful than what you do! Curious? Try my Squinty Eye technique...

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From My Sketchbook – Ripped from the News

Just a few of the faces I sketched last night as we channel-surfed!

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From My Sketchbook – A Nod and Tip of the Hat to Chaplin?

A bowler hat, suit and bow tie hearkens back to another time...

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From My Sketchbook – A Prolific Week

It felt like I spent as much time sitting in trains last week as I did in my chair in the pit at Lincoln Center’s Koch Theater.  While playing for the Miami City Ballet was a treat, it was also a nice to have so many opportunities for people watching and sketching on the commutes.  Here are just a few of the sketches I did:

Woman in cardigan, glasses and sling-back shoes reading subway billboard…

sketch of woman in glasses reading a subway billboard

Long-haired woman wearing rain boots and patterned stockings…

quick sketch of woman with rain boots

Sketch of woman with sunglasses and leather jacket…

quick sketch of woman with sunglasses on the top of her head

Woman wearing retro-styled outfit and updo…

ink sketch of retro styled woman

Woman with cornrow braids and glasses…

ink sketch of woman with cornrow hairstyle


From My Sketchbook – The Travelers

We just arrived back home from a quick trip to Washington, D.C.  We were too early for the cherry blossoms, although I LOVED my visit to see the orchid show at the United States Botanical Garden.  (In case you missed my post about the visit, you can still see the photos here.)

Also memorable was our visit to the Holocaust Museum.  Memorable isn’t the only word that describes that experience, though.  Haunting, thought-provoking, heart-wrenching, disturbing, sad, overwhelming, and inspiring are also apt.  In any case, our D.C. trip felt very full and I confess that my sketchbook got a little forgotten.

But I did capture this young couple yesterday waiting for their train in Union Station.

Quick sketch of young couple sitting at Union Station

From My Sketchbook – Week 37

Three lovely ladies captured in a few quick strokes with my Aquash and ballpoint pens!

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