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A Design a Day – Day 330 (Cascading Gemstones Make for a More Pleasing Symmetry)

A cascade of colorful gemstones leads the way to a dazzling amethyst briolette in this delicately balanced drop earring rendering by award-winning jewelry designer Joana Miranda

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A Design a Day – Day 114

The sixth, and final, chandelier variation on a simple melee diamond hoop, combines the milgrained edge detailing of the hoop with delicate platinum chain dangles.  Tiny diamond briolettes at the bottom of the chains tie in with the larger briolette dangle of the original hoop earring:

Colored Pencil and Gouache Chandelier Diamond Earring Rendering by Joana Miranda

Here are all the variations side by side as I originally rendered them:

Diamond Hoop Rendering and Chandelier Dangle Variations 1-4 by Joana Miranda
Colored Pencil and Gouache Diamond Chandelier Earring Variations 5-7 by Joana Miranda

A Design a Day – Day 111

Today’s chandelier earring variation has a Spanish flamenco flair to it:

Colored Pencil and Gouche "Flamenco-Inspired" Diamond Chandelier Earring by Joana Miranda

I picture this earring on a brunette beauty with chignon hairstyle (complete with flower comb) and red, low-neck, mermaid-style ruffled dress.  Penelope Cruz fits the bill…

Tomorrow’s design would probably look best on someone more along the lines of  Grace Kelly who embodied class, elegance, purity and a quieter sensuality.  Curious?  Come back tomorrow for variation #4!

A Design a Day – Day 110

Today’s chandelier variation is the second in my series of six variations on a simple diamond milgrained hoop earring.  This design looks to Art Deco with its geometric shape and vertical detailing:

Colored Pencil and Gouache "Chandelier" Earring Rendering by Joana Miranda

Although not exactly a chandelier style per se, the articulated movement of the hanging component together with the free-swinging larger diamond briolette will dance and twinkle on the ear much as does a traditional chandelier earring.  Tomorrow’s variation (#3) heats up with a more Latin flavor…

A Design a Day – Day 108

I’m a very practical person, although I also thrive on feeling challenged.  For this week, I decided to embrace these facets of my personality and create a series of chandelier earring designs that could be interchangeable (my nod to the practical).  Although, the idea of a convertible earring is certainly not uniquely mine, I decided to come up with six interchangeable components (the challenge).  To start, here is the basic element in my earring (front and side view) – a diamond hoop with milgrain detailing and a suspended diamond briolette:

Colored Pencil and Gouache Diamond Hoop with Briolette Dangle Rendering by Joana Miranda

As a hoop for everyday, this earring has just enough sparkle and the uniqueness of a diamond briolette to make it a standout “staple”.  Tomorrow I’ll post the first chandelier attachment…

New Work from JLM Studio

Resin and Green Amethyst Flamenco Dangle Earrings by Joana Miranda
Resin and Green Amethyst Flamenco Dangle Earrings by Joana Miranda

These earrings are now available in my online shop at Etsy.  Hand-fabricated in tarnish-resistant Argentium Sterling Silver with a transparent blue resin “dot” and a faceted pale green amethyst briolette, these limited edition earrings are priced at a song and are sure to go fast.