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My Favorite Things – A Snow Day in Manhattan

Peace, quiet and snow in Central Park on February 9th...

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My Favorite Things – New York City in the Springtime

The air was soft and overcast today...and scented with the first flowers of spring.

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My Favorite Things – After the Snow

After winter storm Jonas, Central Park took on an almost carnival air with seemingly all of New York City out enjoying the snow.

sledders in Central Park after Winter Storm Jonas

But today as I walked home, the paths were mostly dry and clear, and except for the occasional jogger, I had the park to myself.  

Photo of Manhattan as seen looking towards Central Park South

The air was clean and crisp – perfectly refreshing and conducive to feeling in the moment.  (To be honest, I thought I might have even spied Buddha.)

Buddha snowman

Tomorrow’s warm forecast will probably melt the rest of the snow.  I’ll be sad to see these creatures go…

Conehead snowman

Cute snowman melting in the sunlight


My Favorite Things – A Luncheon in the Clouds

Lunch with a view - what could be better?

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