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I’m Good At My Art….Now, Show Me The Money!

Illustration of girl jumping for joy, by Joana Miranda

I'm excited about the launch of Designed to Sell. This guide, produced by Chris Guilleabeau and authored by Jen and Omar of These Are Things, is specifically targeted to help creative people gain traction and success in the market place with their artistic endeavors.

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A Timely Offer from Chris Guillebeau at Unconventional Guides

Looking to get your business off the ground and running? Then you might just want to take advantage of the 20% discount coupon valid on all of the products that Chris Guillebeau currently offers in his Unconventional Guides store. (Coupon is good 'til Friday night.)

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Empire Building Kit – Week 52 and Final Review Post!

A look at what I learned from working through Chris Guillebeau's Empire Building Kit

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Empire Building Kit – Week 49 Review (Or, Why Even Your Nerdy Passion Might Just Interest a Lot More People Than You Think)

In Week 50 of the Empire Building Kit, Chris Guillebeau continues to profile the successes of "Emperors-in-Training" who embarked on this year-long course. Here are some of my favorites.

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Empire Building Kit – Week 47 and 48 Review (A Double Feature Illuminating the Importance of Human Relationships)

I'm almost finished with the 1-year Empire Building Kit course. The Week 47 and 48 review highlights the importance of nurturing the human element in your business.

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Empire Building Kit – Week 46 Review (The Daily Pages – The Chore That Might Just Become Your Favorite Activity)

Julia Cameron came up with the wonderful exercise of writing 3 daily pages. Buster Benson takes the concept into the digital age with his online version at 750words.com. He's also built a business around the website. Either way you go, you'll benefit for the daily writing practice!

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