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A Design a Day – Day 57

Two days ago in “A Design a Day – Day 55”, I posted a pendant rendering based on a Michael Dyber concave-cut beryl gemstone.  Today’s design is also done around a Michael Dyber designer-cut gemstone, this time a very organic shaped, vibrant light blueish-green chrysoprase:

Michael Dybe blue stone resized
Watercolor and Gouache Chrysoprase, gold, diamond and sapphire pendant rendering by Joana Miranda

The result of designing around such different stones is two pieces of jewelry art on as opposite sides of the spectrum as Gustav Klimt and Georgia O’Keefe!

While neither rendering was done with any artist in mind – just my own imagination and the inspiration drawn from a very talented gemstone cutter – I’ve re-posted each pendant rendering below alongside a painting respectively by Gustav Klimt (The Kiss) and Georgia O’Keefe :

Beryl rendering final resized Klimt

Michael Dyber blue stone resized Georgia O'Keefe