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A Design a Day – Day 205

Today’s design is one I did for one of my most faithful and supportive clients.    Glenda is a colleague and friend at the Milwaukee Symphony.  She was also one of the first people to commission me to make something for her when I was just starting out in business.  She has been a faithful repeat customer, so when she approached me with a cuff link project for her husband’s birthday, I was more than happy to be involved.

Glenda and Gary (both terrific musicians) own and run Greenhoe Trombones, a premier manufacturer of trombones and trombone components.  To celebrate Gary’s birthday, Glenda wanted me to design 14K yellow gold cuff links around their company’s logo.  The elegant double-G logo is perfect just as it is, so I came up with the following rough CAD rendering to convey my idea for the cuff link tops:

CAD Preliminary Rendering for Logo Cuff Links by Joana Miranda

Upon discussion of the type of cuff link backs, overall sizing and receiving Glenda’s approval, the final CAD was reached:

CAD Final Rendering for Logo Cuff Links

The finished cuff links came out beautifully!  And, for my reader’s benefit, I tried to photograph them in exactly the same position as the CAD rendering:

14K Yellow Gold Logo Cuff Links Designed and Photographed by Joana Miranda

The cuff links are high polished with a recessed bead-blasted finish…

golden treasures for a golden couple!

New Work from Joana Miranda Studio

Argentium Sterling Silver Cuff Link and Stud Set with Black Pearls and Moissanites by Joana Miranda

This holiday season saw a flurry of activity in my shop.  Somewhere in there, I found the time to create this cuff link and stud set for my husband.  The tarnish-resistant Argentium Sterling Silver has been given a brushed finish; bezel-set Moissanites in the studs contrast dramatically with the black pearls in the cuff links.  I’m looking forward to expanding this line into post and drop earrings!

A Design a Day – Day 61

Colored Pencil and Gouache Resin and Silver Cuff link Rendering by Joana Miranda

This design is a spin-off on a pair of cuff  links from my Convergence Line of jewelry.  I’ve substituted colored resin for the hematite and I think it is equally as effective.  Look for these to be emerging from my shop very soon!

New Cuff Links from Joana Miranda Studio

Riverstone Cuff Links by Joana Miranda
Riverstone Cuff Links by Joana Miranda

I recently made these cuff links for a client who wanted to present them to her husband on his birthday.   Adapted from my Riverstone Cluster Posts design, these cuff links are hand-fabricated in tarnish-resistant Argentium Sterling Silver and have toggle backs for ease of wear.  The cuff links have been given a high polish finish.  Design credit actually does go to my client’s husband.  He bought a pair of Riverstone Earrings for my client for her birthday last June, then liked them so much that he mentioned to her that he’d love to have a pair of cuff links made with the same design.   Thank you and Happy Birthday, Dan!

For purchasing information, please visit Joana Miranda Studio at Etsy.