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A Design a Day – Day 73

CAD of Gold Ginko Leaf Brooch with Diamonds by Joana Miranda

I was inspired to do this CAD rendering during one of my afternoon walks in Central Park this week.  Even though the week ended rainy and dark, there were enough sunny days early on to enjoy being outside in NY and in the park.  One ginko tree at the periphery of the Sheep Meadow section of the park had just dropped its leaves; the ground underneath the tree was a carpet of  fan-shaped leaves reflecting golden in the sun.  I stood under that tree for a long time taking in the sun, the color, and savoring a moment of fall that in the Midwest has already passed.

My rendering above still has issues to be solved, but I enjoy the process of CAD and find that it opens up other avenues for creative design.

A Design a Day – Day 12

CAD Study for Swan Charms by Joana Miranda
CAD Study for Swan Charms by Joana Miranda

As a student of CAD (computer aided design), I still have a ways to go.  But I’m totally fascinated with the program and its possibilities.   I am working with the Rhino 4 and TechGems programs.  My rendering above is a first foray into working with more organic shapes.  I don’t plan this to be my swan song!

This short and fun Youtube CAD video shows a Lamborghini Gallardo from 3d wire-frame construction through to its final rendering…keep in mind that the fun twist at the end is all done with CAD (using Surface Control Points, for those of you interested.)