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A Design a Day – Day 121

Yesterday I did my first ink and gouache rendering (or design).  Because the technique used was quite different from other rendering techniques I’ve used to date, I decided to re-render the same brooch this week in different media to compare and contrast results.  Today’s version was done with ink and gouache as well, but I added an overlay of permanent yellow ink over the sepia ink to create “gold”:

Ink and Gouache Gold and Diamond Brooch Rendering by Joana Miranda

Although using ink (I’m working with the Speedball series of nibs and holders and Higgins permanent inks) is still a technique that I need lots of practice to master, I do like the simplicity of the steps and the vibrancy of the outcome.

The steps I used to render today’s brooch are as follows:

  1. Using brown pencil, sketch the design on gray Canson art paper (use charcoal pencil if you will be rendering silver metal)
  2. Go over the outline using a fine nib tip and sepia ink (use black ink if you will be rendering a silver metal)
  3. Fill in the graded shadows with a wider tip nib and various dilutions of the ink (I dip my nib in water and test the concentration on a scrap of gray Canson art paper)
  4. Cover entire area with a very thin wash of white gouache paint.  (Very important:  Make sure that the ink is completely dry before you proceed to this step!)
  5. Add gouache highlights (If you are rendering silver metal, this completes the rendering; for gold metal, go on to steps 6 and 7)
  6. Once the gouache is dry, add a thin wash of permanent yellow ink.
  7. As a final touch, and only when the yellow ink is dry, add a few carefully placed white gouache highlights

Tomorrow I’ll be posting this brooch rendered in watercolor.   Come back and decided which version you think is more successful!

A Design a Day – Day 120

I mentioned a few weeks ago that learning to render with ink and gouache was on my “to do” list.  In spite of dragging in the energy department today, I decided to face this new challenge head on.  I scrounged around for waterproof fountain pen ink, nibs of various sizes (fortunately my husband, who has the world’s most beautiful handwriting, has an interest in calligraphy and pens), and set to work trying to learn this new skill.  I consulted several of my design books and the Complete Guide to Drawing and Painting for reference, and found the step-by-step instructions in The Art of Jewelry Design especially helpful.  The result was surprisingly gratifying:

Ink and Gouache Diamond Brooch Rendering by Joana Miranda

In fact, it was so gratifying that I rewarded myself with a trip to the art store to buy my own set of calligraphy/drawing nibs, and the suggested waterproof sepia ink.  In the rendering above, I only had black ink, which makes the contrast between the high and low values a little too extreme.  Even so, it is remarkable that such gradations of color can be achieved with only black  ink and white gouache.

Because I think it might be of value for those of you interested in rendering techniques (and of interest, too, for the general art lover) I’ll re-render this brooch over the next four days using all of the media commonly used for hand-drawn jewelry rendering.  I’ll use ink and gouache together with permanent yellow ink to render this brooch in gold, watercolor and gouache on art paper, charcoal and gouache on art paper, and finally, colored pencil and gouache on vellum.