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A Saturday Funny from Joana Miranda Studio

This one's for women in the "um-I'd-rather-not-say" age bracket!

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My Favorite Things – Drawing From Experience (Mine, and a Few Others, too!)

I've been attending drawing classes at YouTube University and here's what I've learned...

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Back at the Drawing Board…Sort Of

I’m embarrassed to admit that I let two weeks go by without working on a single illustration.  Not good.  While I sort of have an excuse for the first week (playing 6 shows and 3 rehearsals in 5 days doesn’t leave much time for anything else), my only excuse for last week was that I was too busy eating gourmet meals, swimming and loon-watching at my mom’s lakeside cabin in NH.

Not surprisingly, today when I sat down at my drafting table, rusty is an understatement for how I felt.  As a result, I don’t have much I’m proud to post, but here at least is a sampling of what I attempted…
detail from cafe sketch


(Trust me when I say that you don’t need to see the rest of this composition!)