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Empire Building Kit – Week 10 Review

Black and white photo of stone path through a garden taken by Joana MirandaI’ve had one of THOSE weeks (take a look at yesterday’s post)…and I’m really happy that I’m able to get back to my scheduled tasks and creative projects again!  We wrapped up Week 10 of the Empire Building Kit a few days ago and, as always, it was a week that brought me several steps forward in my thinking and in my actions towards building my dream business.  In addition to learning and being inspired by Danielle LaPorte (Yes, I’m inspired by a woman without a college education who has managed to be so successful at what she does that she now charges $500 per hour for consulting!), I was also really glad to stumble on this guest post by Alexis Neely on Jonathan Field’s blog. (I “met” Jonathan initially through the Empire Building Kit, too.)

If you don’t have time to read the post by Alexis (and I really think you’d enjoy it), I can summarize what hit home for me.  Alexis, a lawyer who graduated top of her class and was by all accounts “smart,” discovered that when she tried her hand at growing her own business, she seemed to be falling way behind in class.   Her conclusion?  “Smart often translates to stuck.”

From my own experience, I couldn’t agree more.  Its not that I see myself as particularly smart, but I can recognize the many times when I get what seems like a great idea, I plunge in and start researching, and the more I “learn” the more I convince myself why I could fail, why I’d look stupid, why my idea wouldn’t work, why I’d be throwing away my money….you get the idea.

Alexis does a great job of breaking down the “getting unstuck” process in her post.  I’m off to work on her Steps 2 and 3 right now…