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Color Me Beautiful…Why Women Are Better Equipped to See Color and Just Might Make Better Artists

Photo of New England patio in the sun, taken by Joana Miranda

As a woman, it's sometimes nice to have actual PROOF that we do some things better than men. While I believe that anyone regardless of gender with talent, drive, ambition and an abundance of soul can make it as an artist, it's nice to know that we women have an innate advantage.

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The Art-Flirt…or Why Being Yourself Can Be Such an Elusive Pursuit

Photo of sunlight streaming through trees in a park, taken by Joana Miranda

Trying to find your voice as an artist can be as difficult as finding your own personal confidence. The two go hand-in-hand of course. Here are some thoughts on perspective, inner critics and the importance of discovering and living by your life-long goals.

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Empire Building Kit – Weeks 36 and 37 Review (Or, the Importance of “Tooting your own Horn” and Embracing the Philosophy of Abundance)

A look at Weeks 36 and 37 of Chris Guillebeau's Empire Building Kit and what I learned from them to help me bring my business to the next level

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