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No, I Wasn’t Abducted by Aliens…

So I don’t have a really exiting excuse to explain why I haven’t posted since Monday.

I was away visiting my mom in Ohio, and though I brought along my computer, the reason I didn’t post was that I ended up getting swept up with a lot of creative projects at home. For the past year and a half, I’ve been slowly going through my father’s jewelry equipment and jewelry findings.  I finally finished “sorting” this week and all of a sudden felt inspired to fire up the soldering torch and work at his bench.

My first task was to tweak a necklace my father had made for my mother.  We decided it needed a different center bead, and this is what it looked like after I made the switch:

mom's necklace

Then, at my mom’s request, I made her these simple garnet and gold earrings (and yes, that’s an old photo of my beautiful mom in the background)…

garnet earrings

Lastly, I needed to switch out the ear wires on a pair of $5 earrings that my mom bought for me at a flea market.  But after switching to gold ear wires, I decided I needed to upgrade the dangles as well.  Now my $5 earrings have 18K gold ear wires and real pearls!  Although the increase in value is still negligible, getting to repair them at my father’s bench was…

Joana's new earring