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My Favorite Things – After the Rain

As you can probably tell from these pictures, I’m not in the city but back in New Hampshire at my mom’s cottage by the lake.  The weather has been pretty magnificent for most of our vacation; and in a spot so beautiful, it’s hard not to enjoy even the occasional downpours!

After a soaking rain last night, here’s what our world looked like this morning…

yellow daylily with water drops

Lady's Mantle after the rain

pine tree after the rain

forest mushroom

daylily in the forest

daylilies and water drops

blueberries and rain drops

My Favorite Things – (Hint: It’s Not the Hazy, Hot and Humid Weather We’ve Been Having)

Summer heat, humidity and rain got you down? Sometimes the only way to cope is to put on your rain boots and arm yourself with an umbrella and your sense of humor!

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Friday’s Thought – For a Rainy Day

I'm obsessed with seeing if I can capture the beauty of rain drops on leaves and flowers after the rain. So far, although I've gotten some good close ups with my Panasonic Lumix, I haven't yet been able to zoom in so close to a droplet that it looks like an entire world. Here's my latest attempt...

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The Yellow Slicker – Original Watercolor Illustration by Joana Miranda

Josephine is part ingenue and part old soul. Her cheerful attitude and positive spirit keep me inspired. Hope she inspires you, too!

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