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My Favorite Things – Culinary Time Travel in the Big Apple

Nothing makes me happier than good Portuguese food. I'm a fan of David Leite's wonderful cookbook The New Portuguese Table. Here's why.

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A Girl’s Gotta Have Romance…A Short List of My Favorite Romantic Movies

The rain is coming down steadily in New York City today.  On a gloomy day like this, nothing appeals to me more than a trip to the movies….and, something about the gloom makes me want to lose myself in a romance.   For those of you curious, here’s a list of my all-time favorite romantic films.    What I love about each of the 5 movies listed below, is that they aren’t just cotton candy romances, but poignant depictions of the human condition and the struggles we face.  They’re all available at Amazon (links provided); if you’re fortunate enough to have Netflix direct movie streaming, all you need is a bowl of hot buttery popcorn and a comfortable chair.

Happy watching!

East/West (with  Oleg MenshikovSandrine BonnaireCatherine DeneuveSergey Bodrov Jr.Ruben Tapiero)

East/West DVD

Il Postino (with Massimo TroisiPhilippe NoiretMaria Grazia CucinottaRenato ScarpaLinda Moretti)

Il Postino DVD

Life is Beautiful ( with Roberto BenigniClaudio AlfonsiLidia AlfonsiGil BaroniMassimo BianchiSergio Bini Bustric)

Life is Beautiful DVD

Cinema Paradiso (with  Philippe NoiretEnzo CannavaleAntonella AttiliIsa DanieliLeo Gullotta)

Cinema Paradiso DVD


Mediterraneo DVD

Empire Building Kit – Week 52 and Final Review Post!

A look at what I learned from working through Chris Guillebeau's Empire Building Kit

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Empire Building Kit – Week 49 Review (Or, Why Even Your Nerdy Passion Might Just Interest a Lot More People Than You Think)

In Week 50 of the Empire Building Kit, Chris Guillebeau continues to profile the successes of "Emperors-in-Training" who embarked on this year-long course. Here are some of my favorites.

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Empire Building Kit – Week 47 and 48 Review (A Double Feature Illuminating the Importance of Human Relationships)

I'm almost finished with the 1-year Empire Building Kit course. The Week 47 and 48 review highlights the importance of nurturing the human element in your business.

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Empire Building Kit – Week 42 Review (Why Stick-to-it-ness Just Might Get You Unstuck)

A look at week 42 of Chris Guillebeau's Empire Building Kit as well as a look at the clever marketing strategies of John Morefield who went from being an out-of-work architect to having a successful career as a self-employed architect.

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Empire Building Kit – Week 41 Review (On Emulating Successful Businesses)

We can all learn from those more successful than we are. In business this is just as true as in our personal lives. Here is a review of Chris Guillebeau's Empire Building Kit, Week 41, along with a checklist for things to look for when studying others' business successes.

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