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A Sneak Preview of the Joana Miranda Studio 2015 Calendar (Continued)

It's a wrap on another month for the soon-to-launch Joana Miranda Studio Calendar...and here's a little taste!

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Queen of Hearts – Fashionista Valentine’s Card by Joana Miranda

A few days ago I posted a rough pencil sketch for a new Valentine’s card.  I had a lot of fun with this illustration…and Josephine told me she loves her glamorous va-va-voom outfit and sexy new perfume.  So, here she is…the Queen of Hearts!Mirrored queen card for blog

(The 5×7 card version is now available in my shop!)

Queen of hearts card mockup for blog

Outstanding (Version 3) – Whimsical Illustration by Joana Miranda

Last week I posted two versions of the same illustration I was working on. Here is the 3rd and final. Which do you think is the most successful and why?

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Josephine Takes a Stand – Whimsical Fashionista Illustration by Joana Miranda

Josephine believes in taking a stand, even if it means looking different from everyone else. After all, life is too short not to be outstanding!

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Josephine Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving and…

Josephine is part ingenue, part old soul. She's got style even when she's in the kitchen and she's cooked up this illustration to prove it!

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Josephine Goes to the Opera – Whimsical Fashion-Inspired Illustration by Joana Miranda

Josephine love the opportunity to dress up. Here she's feeling very chic in a plunging V wrap gown as she heads off to the opera.

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The Balancing Act II – Whimsical Fashion-Inspired Watercolor Illustration by Joana Miranda

Josephine is part ingenue, part old soul. She's also stylish, has killer posture and can often be found with her nose in a book. Hope you enjoy getting to know her!

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Zac Posen Black Dress: Fashion Illustration by Joana Miranda

I'm embarking on a project to create fashion illustrations in the style of illustrators who inspire me. This black Zac Posen dress illustration was inspired by Bernard Blossac's pencil and watercolor illustrations.

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