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Looking for a great metal-polish for your silverware or copper cookware?

I was recently asked to help repair an old sterling silver pepper mill.  The silver was covered with black marks so dark that on first glance I was sure that the mill was silver-plated and the marks were where the plating had worn off and the base metal was showing through.  After gently running my finger over the silver, I realized that the black marks were raised and were actually years’ accumulation of grease and dirt.  I turned to my favorite silverware cleaning product, Wenol, for the task.  The original formula all-purpose Wenol Metal Polish Red makes restoring old metals easy.   Its gentle cleaners safely reach deep into metals to get stains out.   It is recommended for blank metal surfaces such as aluminum, brass, copper, chrome, silver, stainless steel, enamel and pewter.  (It is not recommended for painted and plated metals or anodized aluminum.)

I did have to use more than a little “elbow grease” to get this pepper mill clean, but for eliminating simple tarnish, you’ll find that Wenol’s action works with just a light wiping motion.

Please note, I don’t recommend using Wenol for your jewelry.