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My Favorite Things – Celebrating the Art of Dance

JR Installation at New York City Ballet, February 2014

The current installation at New York City Ballet's Koch Theatre by renowned Parisian street artist, JR, gives us an eyeful into the world of the dancers. Here is a slideshow of my pictures of the installation...

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Meet Some of My New York Artist Friends

This post pays tribute to some of my New York City artist friends. From jewelry designers to freelance artists and handbag designers, I feel blessed to be surrounded by so much talent.

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My Favorite Things – The Little People (At 14th Street Subway Station at 8th Avenue)

New York is a city rich with wonderful architecture and art. Even the subways can be picturesque, too! Here is a collection of photos taken of the bronze "little people" statues at the 14th St. subway station.

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A Design a Day – Day 360 (Coming Full Circle – A Modern Brooch Inspired by a Modern Music Concert)

Music can provide just as much inspiration for jewelry design as can beautiful architecture and nature. Case in point - a modern diamond and pearl brooch inspired by an evening of contemporary music at the Manhattan School of Music.

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Movers and Shakers Gala – JLM Studio Donates Pendant to Benefit Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra and Lakeland College

I was recently invited to donate a piece for auction at the upcoming Movers and Shakers Gala on May, 22nd 2010.  This event benefits the Sheboygan Symphony Orchestra and Lakeland College.  A few years ago, my husband, Andy – at that time Music Director of the Sheboygan Symphony – and I attended the 1st Movers and Shakers Gala.  Patterned after Dancing with the Stars, the evening featured a ballroom dance competition where local celebrities were paired with professional dancers in performances of their chosen dance.  We all got to vote for our favorite couple, and a winner was selected at the end of the evening.   The evening was a lot of fun…getting the opportunity to dust off my own dance shoes and take a twirl on the floor with my husband was the icing on the cake.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll recognize the pendant I made for this event as one of my recent designs.  In case you are new to A Talent for Design, here is the original design:

Watercolor and Gouache Bubble Pendant with Floating Pearl Rendering by Joana Miranda

The final piece:

Tarnish-Resistant Argentium Sterling Silver Bubble Pendant with Floating Pearl Hand-Fabricated by Joana Miranda

(If you can’t attend the Movers and Shakers Ball on the 22nd and would like to own one of these pendants, don’t despair.  Another one is already in process at my bench.)

A Design a Day – Day 215 (Inspired by a truely inspirational musical performance)

Watercolor and Gouache Silver Swirl Pearl Pendant on Black Rubber Cord by Joana Miranda

I just got back from performing a concert with the Milwaukee Symphony which featured the pianist Lang Lang in a performance of the Prokofiev 3rd Piano Concerto.  From where I was sitting in the viola section, I could only see Lang Lang’s head.  At times he looked like he was just sitting and gazing at the musicians in the orchestra or out at the audience.  At those times, it seemed impossible that the breakneck speed tempos coming out of the piano were emanating from his arms and fingers.

Did it take him 10,000 hours practice to learn to be able to play like that?  Or, is he just lucky?

Probably a bit of both.

In any case, you can hear him here.