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A Design a Day – Day 299 (Think Jewelers Don’t Like to Buy Jewelry? Think Again!)

A hand-drawn colored pencil and gouache gold, turquoise and diamond pendant rendering is today's design-a-day; and take a look at these other great pendants by the jewelry company Pick Up Sticks

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A Design a Day – Day 116

In keeping with my goal of designing and rendering more unusual stones, this next design features a large turquoise cabochon:

Colored Pencil and Gouache Eagle Diamond Brooch with Turquoise Egg by Joana Miranda

Because the turquoise cabochon looked very egg-like to me, I decided to design a craggy eagle making off with the egg.   This fantasy eagle has black and champagne diamond wings, a white diamond head and tail, and an emerald eye.  The body is enameled with yellow gold legs.   Tomorrow, a star ruby evokes another dangerous creature…