Photo of illustrator Joana Miranda seated on park bench with cartoon companion

Joana Miranda is a freelance illustrator and cartoon artist living in New York.   Her work features clean lines, judicious use of color, and a mischievous yet gentle sense of humor.

In 2006, a short course in jewelry design at the Gemological Institute of America ignited Joana’s passion for design and illustration.  This led, initially, to her winning a handful of jewelry design awards.  Feeling the limits of focusing solely on jewelry design, in 2010 Joana branched out to creating humorous illustrations and cartoons.  She was inspired by the work of such illustration giants as Jean-Jacques Sempe, Frank Modell, and Ronald Searle.  In her loosely-drawn ink and watercolor illustrations, her aim is to uplift and entertain the viewer.   

Since 2018, Joana’s cartoon art and illustrations have been published in national and international magazines.  She has created designs, cartoons and illustrations for corporate clients in the USA and abroad, as well as custom illustrations for private clients.  In 2019 and 2022, two different collections of her public art were featured on all 1800 LinkNYC kiosks across the five boroughs of New York City.  In addition, 18 of her whimsical illustrations are now part of a permanent exhibit at the FiberMax Museum of Discovery in Lubbock, TX as well as being featured in a digital sister exhibit at the BASF RTP (Research Triangle Park) Agricultural Visitor Center in Raleigh, NC.  Currently, Joana in her 5th year of creating monthly illustrations for a financial periodical published in Tokyo.

When Joana is not busy illustrating and cartooning, she enjoys people-watching, taking long walks in Central Park, sampling pastries at quiet cafes and binge-watching BBC baking shows with her husband.