Photo of cartoonist and illustrator Joana Miranda and a cartoon friend, by Joana Miranda

Looking for humorous character art for your book, magazine, newsletter or product?  You’ve come to the right place!

Joana creates commercial illustrations for books, magazines, educational exhibits, publishing, advertising, marketing and branding companies.  Please visit the Contact page to get in touch!

Partial Client List:


  • Custom musician cartoon couple portrait by Joana Miranda
  • Custom banner illustration for Madison + Gall by Joana Miranda
  • Custom musician illustration cartoon family portrait by Joana Miranda
  • Custom illlustration - Leapfrog Girls - for Leapfrog and Lipstick website by Joana Miranda
  • Custom illlustration for Leapfrog and Lipstick website by Joana Miranda
  • Custom banner illustration for Working Moms to Be website by Joana Miranda
  • Lingerie illustration by Joana Miranda
  • Red rain boots cartoon art by Joana Miranda

Client Testimonials…

“I can’t say enough good things about Joana and her illustrations. She hit the nail on the head from the early design stages to the final product. Joana listened carefully to my ideas and took her time to craft exactly what I wanted. In fact, her illustrations came out even better than what I had imagined. On top of that, she is such a delight to work with—kind, attentive and so very accommodating. Truly a gem!” – Rebecca  [women’s health website launching soon!]

“Thank you, Joana Miranda, for creating our logo illustration.  It has become a true door opener to new business.  It’s charm, humor and whimsy speak so accurately to our brand.  Working with you was a delight.  You listened and produced exactly what we had in our mind’s eye and then gave it an extra punch. I can’t wait to work with you again.” – Deb [Madison + Gall]

“Working with Joana to design a custom illustration for my blog was a truly rewarding experience. Joana took the idea I had in my mind and, with gentle suggestions so it would look suitable for the measurements of a blog header, she created an image better than I originally hoped. Very cute and stylish. Would highly recommend!” – Celeste [Leapfrog and Lipstick]

“I ordered a customized illustration and the final illustration was very beautiful. I am very satisfied with the work process as well. The owner has real good taste and was very kind and responsive. I definitely recommend to work with the owner. I would like to work with her again!  Thank you so much!!” – Mariko [Working Moms to Be]

“Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your talent and time with us, Joana. This is truly special.” – Chris [custom family holiday portrait]

“WOW! Amazing. So well done and clever. I LOVE it. If you’re not being hounded by publications I have no idea why not.” – Dietrich [custom couples portrait]


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