Photo of pink daisy, taken by Joana Miranda

I’ve been M.I.A. this week from my computer and my blog.  Somehow sitting indoors staring at a computer screen just doesn’t feel right…

When you can be picking blueberries in your mother’s backyard garden…

blueberries on the bush2

Walking through sunlit forest paths…

green leaves with red spots

Admiring the day-lilies…

orange day lily

And daisies…

pink daisy

And listening to the breeze blowing through the trees.

Leafy canopy

With nothing better to do than contemplate my navel on the dock…

wood knot

(And watch a sunset or two…)


I guess you could say that I’ve been kidnapped by the natural beauty of my surroundings in Canaan, New Hampshire!


  1. Pa says:

    ooh, lovely lovely goosey p did it’s magic again. You captured it all right!
    love, mm

    • Joana says:

      Only one more day of “nirvana” before we head back to the (sweltering) city….but hopefully, a cooler front will be coming in soon!

      Hope you are doing well and staying cool! 🙂 Joana

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