Fat, thin, jovial, worried, sad, pensive, happy…there’s no end to the variations and fun when it comes to character illustrations! Suffice to say that the characters that emerge from my dip pens keep me on my toes. And I hope they’ll keep you amused, too! Character illustration art is a wonderful way to tell a story or personalize your branding, packaging and online presence. Contact me today to discuss your custom character art project.

Here’s a sampling of my character illustrations:

Wine O’Clock

Colored Pencil and Ink Illustration

Wine O'Clock Character Illustration by Joana Miranda

The World Traveler

Marker and Ink Illustration

Character cartoon illustration by Joana Miranda

Cupid’s Arrow

Colored Pencil and Ink Illustration

Cupid's Arrow character illustration art by Joana Miranda

Little boy in yellow slicker character illustration by Joana Miranda