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Friday’s Thought – In Pursuit of Logic

Photo of fabulous cloud formations over New York City, taken by Joana Miranda

I took this photo of amazing cloud formations over the Upper West Side of Manhattan earlier this winter. Although, the original is in color, in black and white the clouds take on more of a mysterious and dramatic character.

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Friday’s Thought – Fleeting Moments

Black and white photo of clock in Grand Central Station taken by Joana Miranda

Living in the moment should be a mantra for all of us. I love this simple quote about time because it conveys both the possibility and the fleeting quality of all of our moments.

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Friday’s Thought – On Writing Letters

Photo of young couple with umbrella enjoying the LOVE statue in the rain, taken by Joana Miranda

Writing letters - even emails - seems to be a lost art these days. The letters of this Midtown LOVE sculpture serve as an artful reminder of the power of art, letters and words.

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